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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The Camden chronicles will be a series of short stories written about the ministry that takes place in the dark and violent city of Camden NJ. I have been preaching the Gospel in Camden now for almost a 2 and a half years. God is moving upon many in this city, some in redemption, some in warnings, and some in greater wrath that will be revealed in that great and terrible day. Camden is statistically the most dangerous city in the United States. The violence, sexual sin and drug related crimes is overwhelming. When I look upon many of those who occupy this portion of the city we preach in, they look like zombies with their hollowed out eyes, trance like stares, and the utter hopelessness that accompany their whole existence. I felt the call of God to go into this city when I began to hear of it's reputation of being dangerous. I thought to myself, this city needs to hear the preaching of the Gospel, the open declaration of Jesus Christ as the one and only redeemer. They are steeped in darkness and death. I have the only remedy for darkness, which is that true Light that has come into the world. I have the Gospel of Life that has overcome the king of terrors, which is death itself. I knew I needed to go into Camden and declare the glory of God among the heathen. God has greatly blessed the continual declaration of His Word among the inhabitants of Camden. The Camden Chronicles will chronicle much of the events that take place as we trod the shores of this most depraved and wicked city. We pray that the Lord would save many, and change the this city for His glory. We pray that these chronicles would bring exposure to the ever present need of this great cause. We hope you will also want to take part in some small way. This could be is supplying bibles, literature, finances, food, clothes and toys for children. Camden is also known to have the highest poverty rate in the United States as well, and this is heartbreaking. The children are in need of many things. Preacher's like ourselves need funding to continue this much needed ministry to this city. This call is great, and the need is great...please do not turn a cold shoulder to this cause, but take a moment and pray, and ask God how you can help. We are beginning to see the culture warm up to us now. We invest three days a week to Camden. We bring clothes, Bibles and anything else that may be needed for these people. The most important part of our ministry is the public proclamation of the Gospel in the open-air. We have seen this part of our ministry literally unravel many hearts, some to the grace of God, others to an even deeper hatred and hardness for the Gospel. The Muslims, and Black Israelites and most of the Jehovah's Witnesses have been swept out by the preaching. They cannot handle the continual pressure upon their conscience. One lady who we have ministered to over the last couple of years came up to brother Joe Toy trembling and weeping. She could barely walk she was so undone. Her brother just moments prior had just died from a pill overdose. In here recourse, she did not turn to her thug friends, or drug buddies but to the Lord's anointed. She collapsed on Joe's chest in utter exhaustion, and wept with great sobs and painful tears. We now have added a few to our number who have come directly off the streets of Camden. God has allowed us to disciple a couple men, one of them who has now began to lift up his voice in the city, and call his people to repentance. These two men are very teachable and love to learn. We have provided them with many resources and good books to read. They both now belong to a Church, and are seeking help from their pastors. Stay tuned for the next "Camden Chronicles!" Visit us at for more information! (BELOW: lady who broke down in tears) (New disciple in Camden!)